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Autism Evaluations

Starting at Age 18 Months

Early diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder is essential. The earlier your child is diagnosed, the sooner they can receive crucial services that will help them be successful. 

Board certified speech-language pathologists, Mary Richardson and Brittany Hursh, are offering the service of autism evaluations to help parents along on this important journey. Mary and Brittany have extensive backgrounds in working with children with autism and are specially trained in administration and interpretation of the diagnostic tools used to diagnose autism.

Evaluation Information

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Pediatrician or Physician Referral

A referral from your child's pediatrician or family physician is recommended prior to the evaluation.  Your child's doctor is an important part of the team as they will determine any final diagnosis based on the results of the evaluation.


At the evaluation, we will use a combination of standardized measures, parent interviews, and clinical observations to determine if the criteria for autism spectrum disorder is met as defined by the DSM-5.

Standardized measures include the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule, Second Edition (ADOS-2). Other assessments include the Childhood Autism Rating Scales, Second Edition (CARS-2), and a receptive/expressive language screener.

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Mary and Brittany will review the results with you immediately upon completion. The length of evaluation allots for time to discuss these results in detail, as well as, answer questions and provide resources.  

We understand that this journey can be overwhelming, so we are available to spend as much time with parents as needed.

The results from these assessments will be compiled into a detailed and comprehensive report that will be sent to you and the referring physician approximately 2 weeks after the evaluation.

Meet the Team

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